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Blogging is one of the biggest trends in today's world. IIHT hosts a blog with host of information on technological world, courses and certifications. We invite aspirant writers, certified professionals and trainers to contribute valuable articles to our blog.

Advantages of Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging Guidelines

Choice of Topics: We give you the freedom to choose topics for article writing. You can choose any topic that is relevant to the courses we offer. However, topics should not be repeated and should not promote any company or product.

Driving Unique Content: Our aim is to deliver unique content and valuable information to readers. You need to write unique articles that are not published anywhere in print or web.

Editing: Our content editing team will proof read your articles and might make changes on the grounds of grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors.

Article Writing:

  • Each article must be more than 500 words long.
  • Crisp heading and sub headings should be included.
  • There should be natural flow of writing with engaging content.
  • Unique topics and approach should be ensured.

References: You can refer to other sources for concept and images. However, you need to mention about the reference sources clearly.

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