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More about Java


Java is a programming language, developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems and was released in the year 1995. It was released as a part of Sun Microsystems’ Java platform.  It is now a part of Oracle Corporation. The syntax of this language has been developed from syntax from C and C++. Currently, Java is one of the most famous programming languages being used, with approximately 10 million users. Java is object oriented and can run on many different operating systems. It is robust and secure and very performant.


Oracle’s Java Programmer certification is critical and is known as JAVA SE7 certification. This certification will help you to maximize your potential and move your Java career forward. Innumerable Java developers are use knowledge, skills and recognition that they learn from this Java Certification. It helps them to improve their job prospects, become more valuable employees and earn better salary packages. As you prepare for these certification exams, you get hands-on experience in laboratories, where you use real Java code, which expands your capabilities as a Java developer.


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