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Analytics consist of discovering, interpreting and communicating meaningful patterns in data collected. The field of analytics is especially valuable in fields like the IT sector that is rich in recorded information. Analytics relies heavily on the simultaneous application of computer programming, statistics and operations research in order to perform.

Organizations apply analytics to client or industry data in order to describe, predict, plan course of action and improve business. Analytics is a vast subject and includes retail, predictive, descriptive, cognitive, prescriptive, web, speech, and call analytics. It also includes enterprise decision management, assortment of stock, store keeping, sales force optimization, fraud analysis, risk analysis sales force sizing etc. Analytics needs extensive computing, elaborate software and algorithms for analytics harnessing. This needs to be done in the latest methods in technology using current methods of mathematics and statistics. Data analytics is the whole process of studying and examining sets of data to draw conclusions regarding the information that they hold, with the help of specialized software and systems.

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