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JQuery Mobile is a touch-optimized web framework.  It is also known as a mobile framework. To explain more specifically, it is a JavaScript library, developed by the JQuery project team. The idea behind the development is that it focuses on creating a framework that is compatible with a wide variety of smartphones and tablet computers. The JQuery Mobile framework is not only compatible with other mobile app frameworks but is also compatible with other platforms such as PhoneGap, Worklight, etc.

Did you know? That the JQuery Mobile Framework is compatible with all major desktop browsers as well as all major mobile platforms, which include Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, WebOS, Symbian. It is easier to learn for people, who are already familiar with jQuery syntax. A few of the core benefits of this framework is that the theming framework allows the creation of custom themes. Also the fact that there are factors like limited dependencies and lightweight, it has an optimize speed. This framework has ability to automatically scale the same code base to any screen.

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