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Backup and Restore

Backup can be explained as a remote, online or a managed backup service, which is well known in the market as cloud backup or backup-as-a-service. It can be defined as a service that provides users with a platform or a system for the backup, storage, and recovery of computer files. It is considered to be a form of cloud computing. These online backup systems are designed around a client software program and it runs on a schedule. Most of the time it runs once a day, especially at night, when the computers are not in use. Due to the constant innovations and development of technology, the latest cloud backup services have the ability to run continuously in order to capture changes to user systems, more or less in the real time. Therefore the backup systems collect, compress, encrypt and transfer the data to the remote backup service provider’s server, which is also known as the off-site hardware.

Restore or disaster recovery-as-a-service is also a category of cloud computing technology. It can be defined as a service that is used to protect an application or data from any type of disaster be it natural or human. It also protects from any kind of service disruption at one location, by authorizing complete recovery in the cloud. Recovery-as-a-service is different from the cloud-based backup services. Its capacity is delivered in a cloud computing model and therefore one has to pay only when this service is used and therefore it is very efficient and user-friendly.

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