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Java is a high level programming language. It was originally developed by Sun Micro systems in the year 1995. The Java technology helps to develop software for Android mobile, browser-run applets, games and desktop. When it comes to the programming perspective Java is considered as a language for the future. Java fundamentals mostly deal with the syntax and semantics of the language.

Now, Big Data and Hadoop are  highly admired technologies all across the globe and hence they give numerous opportunities in terms of employment. The Big Data and Hadoop  professionals are best known amongst the well  paid professionals. Now, if you are a Java developer, you have an opportunity to upskill by learning Big Data and Hadoop. Big data and Hadoop is a  better career choice, since it being used by a large group of professionals or companies. Java is not only a Programming language but it is a programming platform that helps to develop and deploy the applications. Multiple server based or web-based applications, enhance the industrial proficiency and hence it is important that the IT companies develop and create such applications. There is a huge scope for Java programmers in the IT world.

IIHT is a very established  IT training institute that was founded in the year 1993. Students trained at our institution have good command on their subject and are ready to take up the  globally recognized certifications. Professional trainers and Industry experts, best instructor led classroom training and Placement assistance are the key reasons to join the Big Data and Hadoop course at IIHT.

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