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ANSA – Course Contents

ANSA Training Courses

IIHT offers the ANSA course, which is a part of the Hardware and Networking programme. It extensively covers the following topics- Network Essentials, MCSA 2012, RHCE (RHEL 7), CCNA R&S, CCNP R&S, JNCIA Junos, CCNA Security.

Experience expert training by certified professionals and get in-depth knowledge about various technologies through the comprehensive networking and hardware course syllabus. We also offer hands-on experience to the participants with an inclination towards real-time environment. MCSA training, training on Network, CCNA security training, Redhat training, JNCIA Junos training is built into the courses and these courses are taught by expert instructors. We offer tech support training apart from preparing you for job roles like Server Support Engineer, Solution Architect, Systems Engineer, network Security Administrator – Cisco etc

To join IIHT is one of the wisest career choices. We have Training Institutes in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Delhi and other metro and non-metro cities.

Register at your nearest IIHT Center and learn the necessary basic skills of the IMS technologies and master the subject.

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ANSA Course Contents

Network Essentials

Network Essentials is a course that forms the basic foundation of the world of Information Technology. It is a course that has been designed to guide and assist you to learn more about Information technology (IT). The Network Essential course is very important if you are looking forward to making a career in IT or fields related to Information Technology. The networks essential module covers IT concepts such as Cables and Connectors,IP Addressing Scheme and MAC Address, Networking devices, Wireless Networking, Network Security, etc. This course is said to be the first step to the advanced levels of this technology.

MCSA 2012

Given the wide use of Microsoft Windows Server operating systems, many IT professionals enrol for the MCSA course to prove their skills in this area. The Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) certification is required to demonstrate competence in managing and troubleshooting network environments based on the Windows Server 2012 R2 operating systems.Here at IIHT, we prepare for this globally recognised certification and our experts will give you indepth knowledge on how to install, configure, and administer Windows Server and more.


The RHCSA (Red Hat Certified System Administrator) Course is a programme that helps you to upskill and upgrade yourself into a qualified professional. This makes you more visible to the recruiters and employers. At IIHT we provide practical sessions, hands-on experience in well equipped labs and much more. This course is aligned to a Linux administrator’s job tasks and is industry oriented. The modules cover concepts like how to access the command line, Manage local Linux users and groups, Monitor and manage Linux processes. It also provides knowledge regarding Managing Storage and File System, Managing Red Hat Enterprise Linux networking, Limit network communication with firewall, Virtualization and kickstart, etc.


The CCNA R&S Course is associated with the Cisco Certified Network Associate Routing & Switching certification. IIHT prepares you for globally recognized certifications through its job oriented courses. Through this Course a candidate’s knowledge and skills are upgraded. These are the skills that are required to install, operate and troubleshoot different levels of enterprise branch network. The curriculum comprises of the following topics – Building a Simple Network, Establishing Internet Connectivity, Managing Network Device Security, Introducing IPv6, Building a Medium-Sized Network, Troubleshooting Basic Connectivity,Network Device Management and more.


CCNP R&S -Cisco Certified Network Professional Routing and Switching is a course which is recognized by Cisco. This course offered at IIHT , prepares you for globally recognised CISCO certifications. It is highly recommended for Networking Professionals who aspire to grow in this career. Learning CCNP R&S at IIHT is a good chance for a working professional to upgrade and achieve quality skills in regards to the Networking environment. It is also an added advantage when you reach the higher levels in Networking.  Having in depth knowledge about CCNP R&S helps you to enhance your skills and work on complicated network solutions – physical as well as virtual networks.


The JNCIA Junos training is an entry level certification course which acts as a foundation for advanced Junos courses. Juniper Networks Certified Associate Junos demonstrates a professional’s ability to work with Junos OS, switching, routing and basic networking fundamentals. Join IIHT and get to learn about the key components of Junos software through practical demonstration and lab sessions. Gain expertise in configuration and management of Junos OS and its device operations. JNCIA – Junos certification will cover topics Such as components of Junos Network Router, routing policy, Routing Information protocol, Firewall Filter etc.

CCNA Security

Enrol for the  Cisco Certified Network Associate Security (CCNA Security) course and gain associate-level knowledge and skills, which are required to secure Cisco networks. With the help of CCNA Security certification, a networking professional can acquire the skills which are required to develop a security infrastructure and also to recognize threats and vulnerabilities to networks. One will also learn as to how to mitigate these security threats. The CCNA Security curriculum covers Security concepts such as Security Access, Virtual Private Network, Secure Routing and Switching, CISCO firewall Technologies, IPS, Content and Endpoint Security, etc.

So, if you looking for a hardware training institute that will make you job- ready in Hardware and IT Infrastructure, ITMS Programme at IIHT is the right choice for you! Also, after completing this programme, you can enroll for our Engineering Programmes like Cloud Computing or Digital Enterprise Server Management.



No, Non- IT candidates cannot enrol for this course. The Advanced Networking and Server Administration course has been specially designed for engineers and diploma holders. It covers the advanced aspects of Hardware and Networking.


Though, Advanced Networking and Server Administration is a course that covers the advanced aspects of Hardware and Networking, yet the foundation for the same is established in its basics. Therefore, Networking Essentials is an essential module in this programme.


The Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) programme enables the candidate to manage tasks related to the core system administration of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux environments. The programme offered at IIHT is certification oriented and it prepares you to earn this credential.

Q. How important is the CCNA Certification?

The CCNA Certification is a globally recognised certification. Hence, it will enhance your employability quotient. It is an indication that you have extensive knowledge in the field of Networking. Through ANSA, IIHT prepares you to clear this certification with ease.


The Microsoft Windows Server Operating System is a widely used technology. One requires the MCSA certification to demonstrate his/her competence in managing and troubleshooting network environments. Therefore, this programme also offers MCSA training and helps you to get ready for the certification.


CCNA Security bestows the students the skills that are required to develop a security infrastructure, that protects the networks and also helps to recognize the threats and vulnerabilities that it poses. Learn to Secure Cisco networks to become a valuable employee.


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