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Cloud – Citrix XEN server 6.2

Citrix XenServer is an open source platform for cost-effective cloud, server and desktop virtualization infrastructures. It is an industry leading programme. One of the core benefits of this platform is that organizations of any size can install XenServer in about ten minutes. It helps them to virtualize even the most demanding workloads and automate management processes, which increase IT flexibility and agility. It also lowers costs and helps these organisations to transform today’s complex IT environments into simplified virtual data centers and clouds. 
XenServer can also be defined as a comprehensive server virtualization platform that has built in enterprise-class features, which make it easy to handle different workload types, mixed operating systems and storage or networking configurations. Did you know? That Information Technology benefits from the unique features of XenServer, such as enhanced virtualized graphics and enhanced workload security, as all of which reduces virtual infrastructure costs and complexity.
Citrix XEN server 6.2 is an in-demand technology. Learn this budding technology at IIHT and enhance your future prospects. Up-skill and get ready to join leading IT organisations.
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