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Desktop Security essential is also known as Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE). It is an antivirus software product that provides protection against malicious software such as, spyware, computer viruses, rootkits and Trojan horses. Did you know? That the license agreement allows the home users and small scale businesses to install and use this product free of charge. This is one of the major benefits  of this software.

The Desktop Security Essential constantly monitors the activities in the computer and thus provides real-time protection. As per the procedure this software scans the new files as they are created or downloaded and thus disables the threats as and when detected. The Desktop Security essential course is mostly opted by desktop administrators. Here at IIHT you will learn about desktop security and application components.  This course covers a number of topics that are essential for clearing  the Desktop Security Essentials certification exam. Join IIHT, to prepare for the globally recognized certifications.

The courseware provided at IIHT  is prepared by industry experts. IIHT offers classroom sessions along with hands-on experience through its job-oriented programs.So, you can reach out to IIHT today and explore the plethora of options we have for you!

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