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Software engineering is the concept of developing a software via application of engineering in a systematic method. It can also be defined as systematic application of scientific and technological knowledge, methods, and experience in order to design, execute, test and document a software. Software engineers focus on technical and managerial leadership of large and complex systems, because this an engineering discipline that is related to all aspects of software production. Software Engineering in Java is said to establish the foundation of basic constructs such as conditionals and loops. It enable you to build sophisticated Java programs in the real world.


The Software Engineering syllabus is anchored to real-world problems. As a software engineer you apply the professional judgment that you have acquired through practical experience. Therefore, the training has to be hands-on, project focused and team-centered. Learn Software Engineering at IIHT. IIHT is a trusted IT solutions provider and an acclaimed IT training institution. Here we deliver high end training through professionals and IT experts. We have designed industry-mapped curriculum, which is very helpful for job aspirants.


There are a plethora of job-specific IT courses offered at IIHT, choose the technology of your choice and get up-skilled. The contemporary instructor-led classroom training sessions are very interactive. At IIHT we make you job-ready and capable of handling the challenges of the IT industry . Our trainers are here to assist and guide you, utilise these services to the fullest.

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