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MS SQL or Microsoft SQL server can be defined as a relational database management system, which has been developed by Microsoft. This database server is a software product. The primary function of MS SQL is storing and retrieving data, as and when requested by other software applications. Software applications that are running on another computer or on another network, including the Internet can also request for the same. Did you know? Microsoft markets varied editions of Microsoft SQL. These different editions are for a variety of audiences. These options are also aimed at workloads ranging from some small single machine applications to large Internet-facing applications.


Developers and virtualisation admins from across the globe, prefer Microsoft SQL server because it is very easy to use. It comes with excellent tools that save a lot of time. Some of the tools are SQL server profiler, SQL server management studio,etc. MS SQL makes it incredibly easy to set up everything, from installing on a virtual machine to initial query writing and editing. It is much better as compared to the other SQL products. If one finds any sort of problem in regards to MS SQL, then one can resort to live product support or get support online.


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