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The WCF or the Windows Communication Foundation was earlier known as “Indigo”. It can be defined as a runtime and a set of APIs in the Dot NET Framework, which is used for building connected, service-oriented applications. WCF is a tool, which is often used to implement and deploy a service-oriented architecture (SOA). It is designed on the basis of the service-oriented architecture principles that support distributed computing. Distributed computing is where services have remote consumers, where clients can consume multiple services and the services can be consumed by multiple clients. WCF clients can consume a service, regardless of which platform the service is hosted on; especially services that are loosely coupled to each other and have a Web Services Description Language interface. This framework uses a variety of network protocols such as HTTP, TCP, MSMQ etc.
One of the main features of WCF is interoperability. Which means it is a single platform that is used to exchange information using various network protocols and platforms. It is also very secure and reliable as compared to web services or ASMX services.  ‘REST’ also known as Representational State Transfer, is an architecture that designs distributed applications on a network, where clients can make requests for services. WCF services can be built using REST and in the bargain, WCF provides a platform for developers, where they can integrate REST with ease.
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