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Enumerations: Java versions before the JDK5 lacked an important and much-used feature – the enumeration. An enumeration is basically a list of names constants. Even though Java’s final variables were similar, the purity of enumeration was missed. But post JDK5, they are now available in Java as well. Here, enumerations define the class type and they can have methods, instant variable and constructors.

Autoboxing: It is a used to get any reference type of a given value via type conversion either in explicit or implicit forms. Here the compiler is an automatic supplier for the extra source code that helps with creating objects.

Annotations: All annotations include the entire body of the method of declaration. One need not provide bodies for these declared methods. In java, the normal interface declarations are what annotation declarations are. Annotations are basically like meta tags that can be added to the code and applied for package declarations, constructors, type declarations, parameters, fields, methods and even variables.

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