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Franchisee With IIHT

Franchisee Business Model

Franchise opportunities in India are rapidly increased in today’s competitive world. Taking the right step towards the success would be the most common action we can see in many new comers of the business field. IIHT has been a successful business partner for several years in the field of education. If you are searching for a franchise model in India, you can be a part of us and become one of our best franchises in India.

IIHT presents one of the most organised and efficient franchisee business models. We have many valued partners who have been associated with IIHT for years. The franchisees report to the regional offices, alongside to the corporate office. We craft various business management solutions to ensure smooth functioning of the franchisees. We work towards lead generation, curriculum management and most importantly revenue generation. The corporate office organises various promotional campaigns to drive in more leads to the franchisees. We share various branding and marketing communication collaterals to the franchisees as a part of our marketing support activity. As a part of our ongoing operational support, trainers are sent from the corporate office to our franchisees to train the trainers. This training includes imparting knowledge on new technology areas and re-skilling of knowledge on existing technology.

Business Partner

By becoming a franchisee you become a business partner with IIHT. There is a huge demand for IT-trained pupil around the globe in this era of fast growth and technology advancements. With growing gap between Education and Employability Quotient, a franchise could act as a bridge in any given economy. Developed and developing nations equally face the talent crunch and thus there is a huge demand for vocational training that is being provided by IIHT. Apart from developing the much needed skilled work-force that would be qualified and trained in state-of-the-art technologies, you would also be able to generate revenue for your organisation as well as benefit from handsome returns for your investment.

The systems and processes followed religiously by IIHT have ensured that IIHT’s Business partners are able to leverage on the demand for real-time IT skills and convert the opportunity into a profitable business. The students have been brand ambassadors for IIHT. For Businessmen who want a safe business opportunity as well as respect in the society, IIHT Franchise is an ideal proposition. This is because apart from the profit, businessmen stand to gain respect due to their role in developing and nurturing a skilled human resource pool in the country and for guiding the careers of many youth in the IT Industry.

As an IIHT business partner you will be responsible for:

  • Provisioning of necessary investments
  • Providing Premises with fully equipped training facilities
  • Providing recommended Infrastructure (Hardware & Software)
  • Procuring all statutory approvals from the relevant authorities in the Govt
  • Executing business plan and strategies as approved by IIHT
  • Setting up highly talented local team for execution of business plan
  • Achieving business goals, revenue targets and gross margins as directed by IIHT
  • Operating and running Centre Of Excellence
  • Sales & Marketing of all the programmes offered at IIHT

IIHT may also sign up with you, making you the Master Franchisee, depending upon factors like population, competition, cost of living, unemployment, ICT penetration, availability of University academic courses and the like. Master Franchises have more responsibilities and hence there will be many additional criterions that they have to fulfil based on the state and other aspects. Looking for more information, Write to us


Discover deep insights about investing and business opportunities in Franchising


Several have shown interest in starting their own business, but are often confused as to which business should they invest in. One of the most common expectations that every business aspirant has is that the returns should be higher and quicker. There are people with varied capabilities, who are looking forward to investing into a business. There are some who have enough money and want to earn a little more but wish to invest in a smart project that supports the community. Then there are those who just want booming profits. In either case, any trade should benefit the trader as well as the consumer and only then, will it be considered to be fruitful.


Significant steps are taken over the last few years to ease the way of running a business and to remove all the hindrances and impediments for a smooth business management. Specific emphasis is given to ensure each sector boosts and motivates upcoming business in their area of services. While a start-up or new business organization struggles initially to find its base there are big organizations that look forward to conglomerate with others who would help them to carry their business forward, the deal is usually on a pre-decided partnership basis and this type of business association is called Franchised Business.

Why Franchise is the Best Business for Any Business

With many countries embracing globalization, its impact has opened up a whole new boundary for businesses to explore, regardless of the size or setup. Organizations are looking for the best way to make their presence in the market and at the same time garner many audiences. But regardless of that, some organizations still fail to do so. Blame their lack of competency to tap into the minds of their audience, or their inability to utilize their business strengths; some organizations still fail to make their presence known. However, there is one business model that leverages your audience and gives you the best standpoint to put your business ahead in the race – the franchise model.

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