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Big data is nothing but a collection of a large number of data that is impossible to be processed using traditional data computing techniques. Hadoop on the other hand can be defined  as a complete subject that involves various tools, techniques and frameworks.Our courses at IIHT are designed by industry experts, keeping into consideration the current industry job requirements and they provide in-depth knowledge on Big data and Hadoop.

Hadoop technology enables the consumer to run the applications on systems with thousands of commodity hardware and it also helps to handle huge data. It can be defined as a distributed file system that allows rapid data transfer rates among nodes and also enables the system to operate seamlessly in case of a node failure. Hadoop is a preferred computing technology, especially for smaller enterprises looking to leverage analytics to draw valuable big data insights. This implies that many employers are looking to hire candidates with knowledge and expertize of the Hadoop technology. The Hadoop technology makes it easier for the organizations to make decisions based on complete analysis made by multiple variables and data sets.

IIHT has been a learning platform for job-oriented IT  courses, since 1993. The main aim is to bridge the gap between the freshers and organizations.It is dedicated to making candidates skilled and employable based on changing industry requirements.

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