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Hadoop has been designed,so that the organizations can improve on the new analytic insights and also operational efficiencies by using multiple-standard, high-speed, low-cost, parallel processing and operating on very huge sets of data. Though performance, flexibility, and scalability are exceptional, yet hadoop security is the prime goal. Just like all the emerging technologies, Hadoop is maturing as an architecture and it has a reputation as being complicated to secure.


Hadoop is a much vulnerable target open, to be able to fully protect. Since a whole lot of data is aggregated in Hadoop makes it an even more alluring target for hackers and data thieves. Hadoop presents brand new challenges to data risk management: the potential concentration of vast amounts of sensitive corporate and personal data in a low-trust environment. New methods of data protection at zetta byte scale are essential to prevent these potentially huge big data exposures.


IIHT offers specialized programs for students who want to pursue their career in the cyber security domains. Our course helps you understand the cores of the technology and make you ready to showcase your skills in corporate. IIHT believes in offering technical education through workspace, not just classes. You will get a chance to work on platforms and environment which is familiar to the ones used in companies so as you can be ready for the real challenges of corporate.

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