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The Hadoop technology was built to organize and store massive amounts of data of all shapes, sizes and formats. Hive is used by Data analysts to query, summarize, explore and analyze this data, then turn it into actionable business insight.

Hive is defined as a data warehouse system for Hadoop. The Hive technology was developed by Facebook. It supports Data definition Language(DDL), Data Manipulation Language(DML) and also user defined functions. Hive is used to project structure on largely unstructured data. It is like a traditional database code that comes with SQL access. It is based on Hadoop and MapReduce operations and is a read-based technology. Learn Hive at IIHT and get skilled.

IIHT is an IT training and job specific talent development institute and it has set a track record of training over 10 lakh students. IIHT’s Big Data and Hadoop programme is comprehensive and it provides job-ready knowledge and hands on training to meet the rising demand of the industry.

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