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Java Server Pages

Java Server Pages is used to develop webpages that support dynamic content. JPS or Java Server Pages help programmers with inserting java code within HTML pages by using specific JSP tags. These tags begin with <% and finish with %>. JSP components are a kind of Java Servlet which is made to carry out the role of a user interface for Java web applications. Java developers write Java Server Pages in text files which combine XHTML or HTML code, embedded JSP actions, XML elements and commands.

When a developer uses JSP, he/she can collect user information from users via webpage forms, present information from sources like databases and make Webpages dynamical this way.

JSP tags can be used to carry out a number of functions, like registering user preferences, retrieving data from database, passing control from one page to another, accessing JavaBeans components, sharing information between pages or requests etc. JSP is a part of Java EE and serves as the perfect complete platform for enterprise applications. This means JSP is competent to help carry out functionalities in simple to demanding and complex applications.

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