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Servlet technology resides in the server side and does the generation of dynamic web pages. It is used to create powerful web applications. Thanks to Java, Servlet technology is scalable and robust. Prior to Servlets, Common Gateway Interface (CGI) scripting language was used as a server-side programming language. But there were several disadvantages of using this technology. CGI takes longer response time when the number of clients increase. For every request, it would begin a process when the web server is limited to just the start process. Another major disadvantage was that it used languages like C++ and C that are platform dependent.

Servlets overcomes all of these challenges. Sevlets provides programmers with a number of classes and interfaces that include documentation. Servlet is basically a class that extends the capabilities of servers and responds to incoming requests. And these requests can be of any kind. Some of the popular servlet APIs are GenericServlet, Servlet Request, HttpServlet, ServletResponse etc.

IIHT’s Java students get hands on experience in working with servlets.

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