What is the eligibility criteria to get access to IIHT Placement Portal and receive placement assistance?

You should be a candidate of IIHT and should have enrolled for any Career programme as below:

  • ANSA
  • JAVA
  • .NET

Apart from being enrolled at IIHT for any courses, you should be a graduate and should have no backlogs.


How do I register for these courses at IIHT?
Please fill the registration form @ http://www.iiht.com/ or call us on Toll Free Number - 1800-123-321-5


Where all I can find IIHT?
IIHT is present across India and you can register at the nearest centre. Take a look at http://www.iiht.com/best-it-training-institute-in-india/


What is the duration of iSMAC courses?
It depends on the course opted and all courses are based on hours. The completion of the course depends on availability of student and batch scheduling at respective centre.


What is the acceptability of IIHT Certificates?
IIHT certificates are globally recognized and accepted by companies worldwide


How about the placement opportunities?
We have a dedicated placement portal for IIHT candidates and we have placement managers who will be interfacing between the students and recruiters. Also the placements depend upon the performance at interview in terms of Technical, Aptitude & Communication skills.


Tell me about the fee structure for iSMAC  programme
Please fill the registration form @ http://www.iiht.com/ or call us on Toll Free Number - 1800-123-321-5, our team will contact you immediately with details.


How about the test and exams after course completion?
You will have to attend and clear the IIHT examination and also the placements depend upon the score/grade that is scored by candidate.


What is the feasibility of placements?
IIHT has formulated job-oriented curriculum for each of the programmes. IIHT also works with organisations and this industry exposure percolates into the pedagogy. While the courses are matched to industry demands and job roles, the student will have to be good at communication skills to crack interviews. Visit http://jobready.iiht.com/ to upgrade your skills in aptitude and communication.


Will all recruitments happen through the placement portal itself?
While the placement portal is a strong platform for IIHT students to have an overview of the industry association, the centres and the Placement Cell will also keep you updated on the job opportunities available based on your profile. Please ensure that you check your emails and SMS inbox regularly.

Why should any company hire IIHT Candidates?
IIHT candidates are skilled in Technical & Soft Skills and all candidates are billable from the day of employment. IIHT courses cover emerging technologies such as Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud, making it the preferred destination for recruiters.


Is there any commercial involved in placements?
No, IIHT does not charge anything from company or candidates. Placement is a value-added service provided by IIHT.


What are the programmes offered at IIHT?
IIHT offer programmes spanning IT-IMS, Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud. Please refer our website – www.iiht.com for in-depth details on the course content.


How do recruiters register their Company & Job at IIHT placement portal?
Please fill the recruiter connect form @ https://www.iiht.com/jobexchange/recruiters/ and our placement team will immediately get in touch with you. Alternately, please drop us a mail on placement@iiht.com or call us on 1800-123-321-5 to let us know of your requirement.


What is the placement process of IIHT?
IIHT has Placement Managers who will screen the candidates based on the Job Description shared by recruiters and coordinate with client & candidates for further process.


What is the experience level of candidates who get trained at IIHT?
Majority of IIHT candidates would be freshers. But there is a healthy count of working professionals too.


What is the advantage for a recruiter to associate with IIHT?
IIHT offers job-ready candidates to recruiters thereby adding a lot of value to the talent acquisition process.


How many candidates can be expected from IIHT with respect to a job role?
This number is dynamic and based on many factors such as IIHT Students looking for placements, number of batches getting completed during a time frame, mobility of the IIHT student etc.