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JSP Standard Tag Libraries

JSTL or Java Standard Tag Library is useful Java Server Pages in groups that encapsulate the basic functionality that is common to more than one JSP applications.

JSTL has good support for structural tasks that are commonly performed like conditionals, iteration, internationalization tags, manipulation of XML document tags and SQL tags. This provides a good framework for the integration of the currents custom tags with JSTL tags.

This also provides developers with framework for the integration of existing custom tags along with JSTL tags.

Installation of JSTL Library:

In order to start working on JSP tags, one will need to install JSTL library. If you happen to use Apache Tomcat as a container, then installing needs only two steps –

  1. Downloading of binary distribution from Apache Standard Tagliband and begin unpacking from compressed file.
  2. Make use of standard Taglib for ex. Jakartal Taglibs. Copy JAR files in the distribution’s directory into your own applications files.
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