The Learning Experience Platform as it should Be!

Techademy is the result of IIHT’s close interaction with the IT industry and the valuable inputs received from our 250+ Fortune500 clients over the past 26 years. We’ve boosted enterprise workforce transformation by upskilling and reskilling more than 2.5 million learners with our flexible delivery methods. Make the learning experience your competitive advantage!


Hands-on learning at your fingertips

Techademy is a Learning Experience Platform where learners gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge training infrastructure. From personalized content curation and management to the provision of virtual labs, Techademy has it all. Technologies in abundance, catered by the market demands. Learning and training as per the desired medium, with in-built exposure to live projects. Learn what you want. Practice what you learn. Simply! Comprehensibly! Cognitively!

Learning Experience Platform

Deliver Immersive Learning Experiences with Customized Digital Content

There is no limit to the number of participants in each session on the platform, be it learners or administrators. Techademy allows you to scale sessions without any impact on internet bandwidth or functionality. All users in a session can play and annotate high-quality video content and are synchronized across the network and visible to all other participants.

Learning Experience Platform

Conduct Role & Skill-based Assessments

Create, edit, consume, resources with clarity. Even the most complicatedly driven content of technology is delivered in the most lucid manner with Techademy. Moreover, adept, analyse, and improve your workforce constantly with in-house assignments and assessments, at various check-points, which reflects progress in a well-defined statistical manner. An end-to-end visual depiction of your enhancement.

Learning Experience Platform

Every Feature You Need for a Complete Technology Training

The technology learning solutions at IIHT has taken the form of a dynamic tool and Techademy is omnipresent in all its features.
Developed as a Learning Experience Platform, Techademy is a harmonious mix of both online and face to face instruction.

Years in Technology Training
360 Degree Assessment Engine
Secure Hands-on Technology Labs
Custom Tailored Technology Courses
API Integration
Multi-device Accessibility
Cloud-based Platform
Collaborative Content Curation
Gamification and Social Learning Features

Learning Experience Platform (LXP) has replaced the admin-led Learning Management System to learner-led online learning platforms. LXP function on user-curated content and can be accessed anywhere anytime. This next-gen tool for online learning and training gives contributors the ability to add content, resources, easy API-based integration, social interaction, and data analysis.

Close skill gaps among employees and learners with a platform which allows instructors to offer different modes of learning like virtual instructor-led training, self-paced training for the younger generation, virtual training labs for hands-on practice and blended learning programs.

Assessment is an integral part of any learning and development project and allows educators and instructors to access the effectiveness and ROI of such programs. Our AI-enabled built-in assessment engine in the LXP is a tool that helps you take care of all your assessments. Get a consolidated view of performances based on modular assessments, course completion assessments, projects, quizzes, acquired skills, and remaining skills gaps.

IIHT's LXP has a USP where it tracks the consumption preference of learning resources, performance in assessments, and the target skills level. This helps instructors to visualize the skill gaps recommends the most preferred and suitable learning path for each learner.

Our LXP has been used by 200+ of our coveted clients for their enterprise its training needs. Schedule a free demo and set an even playing ground for all your learners with an immersive learning experience that fits all their learning preferences.

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