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Franchisee – FAQ

Franchisee FAQ

Q. How long does it take for approval after applying for opening an IIHT center?

The approval for opening an IIHT center is given within 30 days

Q. What are the man-power requirements for opening a franchisee?

A franchisee needs to have 1 Center Manager, 1 Counselor (GIMS & ACHNP), 1 GNetPro Counselor, 1 Placement Officer, 3 Marketing Executives, 1 Outdoor Sales Manager (Business Development Manager), 3 Trainers, 1 Accountant and 1 Pro-metric Administrator.

Q. What are the affiliation fees?

The affiliation fees vary depending on the classification of cities. For details on the same, kindly refer to our Franchisee Project Report.

Q. What is the minimum available floor space required to set up a center?

The minimum available floor space varies depending on the classification of cities. For details on the same, kindly refer to our Franchisee Project Report.

Q. Is it mandatory for a person to have experience in IT field/ training industry to set up a franchisee?

No, it is not mandatory for a person to have IT training background to set up a franchisee.

Q. What is the defined KRA for the centers?

Maintaining standard quality in training and infrastructure should be the main KRA for the centers.

Q. How many centers are you planning to start in a geographical location?

The number of centers would solely depend on the demographics and the market potential. IIHT will decide on the number of centers based on various parameters.

Q. What should be the minimum distance between two centers?

There are no set distances defined between two centers. The decision solely remains in the hands of IIHT based on the population of the Target Audience, the market potential and various other factors pertaining to that geographical location.

Q. What is the ROI from a franchisee's perspective?

An approximate of 20-25% profit on the total turn-over is expected from a well-performing center.

Q. What is the breakeven point? How soon can a franchisee hope to breakeven?

It depends on the total amount that you have invested, your operating expenses and the number of students that get registered to your center every month. The more the number of students, the shorter would be your breakeven time.

Q. What kind of support do we get from IIHT?

We conduct training for trainers and technical people at regular intervals.

Q. As for my understanding, why is the XYZ partner not performing well?

There could be several reasons for under performance. A center might not have the necessary resources (counselor, sales executives etc.) to drive more registrations. It could also be that the center might not have a proper lead tracking system in place to keep a track of the enquiries and leads and chase it up with them accordingly. Also the area of the center might not have more scope of growth. Thus, the reasons could be numerous; majorly performance depends on the geographical location of a center and its internal operations.

Q. How will be the cost shared between centers?

In major metros, the cost will be shared by all the centers. If there are multiple centers in a particular metro where a specific campaign is going to be released, the cost per center is calculated based on the total cost of campaign divided by the number of centers.

Q. Will IIHT take care of the ATL activities?

IIHT takes care of the ATL activities but the cost is shared among the centers.

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