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Programmes for Working Professionals

The IT industry has seen a constant change, one of them being professionals with outdated skills being replaced. This has brought along with it severe job insecurity and fears of downsizing all throughout the year. One of the screaming reasons for displaced professionals has been that a lot of technological skills the workforce possesses have turned outdated thanks to new technologies and this has led to redundancy.

The single most reliable way to stay safe is upskill and cross skill. Learning is a never ending process in the IT industry. Even if you are employed, you can learn newer technologies which can open up a lot more opportunities apart from safeguarding your present job. Professionals should now identify a demanded niche skill that is trending and master it with hands on training in order to stay industry relevant. IIHT has several courses and certification programmes that can help professionals of any caliber acquire the latest technological skills. Skills that are presently in high demand are data science, analytics, Azure, Hyper-V, Openstack, CCNP, Amazon, Azure, Office 365, Exchange, Lync, Product management, fullstack development, SharePoint 2013 Administrator, VM Ware VSphere, Xen Server, Xen Desktop and Xen App.

Nasscom has predicted that in the recent years, digital-led IT service shall grow by as much as 4 times and traditional IT services will most likely double! An acute shortage of over 2,00,000 skilled professionals in the data field by the coming years is also predicted. Therefore, it’s established that the demand for skilled IT professionals is only on the rise. The cost of learning at IIHT is reasonable and is a great investment that will surely give you good returns. The courses at IIHT are industry oriented and are conducted by professional experts. One can expect a salary jump of even as high as 20% to 25% when a new skill is picked up. If you feel underutilized at your job today, it’s the right time to train in a new skill that can leverage your true potential! The courses are conducted in convenient weekend batches that will not affect your work schedule and what’s more, you also get placement assistance!

Programmes for Working Professionals

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