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Did you know? That today, one of the top jobs in information technology sector is Linux server administration. As there is an increase in number of cloud vendors, the need for knowledgeable and talented Linux server administrators has increased and will continue to grow. Most of them believe that it takes years to acquire an expertise in this field. But the truth is that a certification in redhat Linux server advanced administration is the first step to demonstrate your ability to the your employer, in order to succeed in this fast paced and demanding environment.

This certification helps you to get noticed employers who are looking for capable and experienced linux professionals. IIHT offers training that prepares you for Linux certification, which holds global standards.

As a job seeker in the IT world can create a stable position in the field by pursuing Job-Oriented Programmes at IIHT. We’ll help you gain the right application skills required to thrive in your IT career. Begin your journey with IIHT and enjoy benefits like interview preparation, practical guidance, robust lab facility, hands on experience, certification support and placement assistance.

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