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Spark is well known for being a lightning-fast cluster technology. Spark has been designed for fast computation. This technology is based on MapReduce. Its main feature is that it extends the MapReduce model, so that it is economically used for more types of computations such as, interactive queries and stream processing.

The other important feature of Spark is that it has an in-memory which increases the processing speed of the application. It has been specially designed to cover an extensive range of workloads like iterative algorithms, batch applications, interactive queries and streaming. The Spark associates with the Hadoop technology in two ways. One it uses the Hadoop technology for storage and the other is for processing. Did You Know? That Spark has its own cluster management computation and therefore  it uses Hadoop for storage purpose only. Organisations prefer the spark technology as it reduces the burden over the management of maintaining separate tools.

 IIHT is well known as one of the most eminent institutions that is offering a course in the hadoop applications. Here the training is a blend of  practical guidance with hands-on experience. This extensive training helps the professionals to  gain a better understanding of the IT marketplace.

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