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Franchisee – Business And Market Opportunity

Business And Market Opportunity

IIHT stands in the list of Top 10 Franchise Business in India. We have expanded our franchisees across India and some of the other countries too. IIHT offers every day fresh business opportunities to the new generation of the business world in the field of education. If you are looking for the best start-up business or more profitable business, call IIHT Today.

Education franchise is an evergreen franchise opportunity for any startup and even for the advanced business holders. You will find it on the list of Top 10 Franchise Business in India. IIHT has over 150 Franchises In India and across the globe. IIHT offers the dedicated support for all the franchisees including Marketing Support, Lead Generations, and more.

Earlier, fresh graduates who get hired by leading companies have to go through an Induction on Product oriented or Process oriented or focused in-house training programs. These programs are usually driven & guided by internal engineers, managers and product/process specialists and for over 4 to 6 months. These programs involve a lot of efforts, time & costs for any corporate. But these days due to the focus on higher profitability and high attrition, corporates do not invest on time, money or effort to train new recruits. They expect the candidates to be productive right from the first day. So, most of the students passing out do not get adequate opportunities to get the requisite on-the-job training/industry exposure while they are studying. This limits their technical know-how and competency.

The imperatives of new knowledge era are to be acknowledged and the challenge of the Globalised higher education should be addressed by creating a tech-savvy education system to develop job skills to all students. ‘Industry and Academia connect’ is critical to ensure curriculum and skills in line with requirements. Skill building is really very crucial to ensure employability, Academia to understand and make sure that, knowledge + skills + global professional skills = good jobs.

To bridge Industry & Education sector gap by catering to the needs of Industry & Students, IIHT and the unique programmes offered by IIHT are important:

  • To create a path where Industry & Educational institutions can synergize efforts to train better manpower.
  • Develop the requisite Industry know-how for students to facilitate better employability.
  • Ensure more number of job ready Graduates pool is available for the Industry to recruit.
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