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Virtualization with VMware vSphere 6.0

VSphere 6 can be defined as an enterprise class virtualization platform that has been developed and supported by VMware. It supports several important resilience capabilities including high availability (HA). This can quickly restart Virtual Machines on other hosts within a server cluster when a hardware or operating system problem is detected.

VSphere 6 also has a fault tolerance feature that ensures continued workload availability. When problems are detected, it creates redundant instances of important workloads to other servers and automatically failing over to a synchronized copy. It also has Data protection capabilities that provide data backups with reduplication and native replication across sites.

Did you know? That VSphere 6 offers a management dashboard that tracks the key performance metrics. It also performs computer and storage analytics; estimates capacity demands; suggests possible optimizations; and reports potential risks in concert with related VMware tools. Learn Virtualization with VMware vSphere 6.0 at IIHT and enrich your career prospects.

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