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A computer which has any one of the server operating systems by Microsoft Windows installed in it, is the Windows server. So in case you have a Personal computer or a laptop and you install any one of the server operating systems from Microsoft Windows, then you can call it as a Windows server. But the servers differ depending on the Microsoft Windows Operating System. This course at IIHT, has been specially designed for students who are interested in learning the basics of configuring and managing a Windows 2012 server in a domain environment.

The modules of this course cover everything from installing the operating system to creating a Windows domain. It also lays the foundation for more advanced courses in Windows server administration. This course is beneficial to those who aspire to work with organizations that use Windows workstations and servers. All of the individual topics covered are industry specific and are also a great foundation for anyone, who has a keen interest in network & server administration or the IT field in general.  

With IIHT, the candidates learn the employability skills and also prepare for a successful career. Here, the best trainers are hired to conduct classes, training sessions, lectures, etc. The sessions are interactive and our trainers are approachable and ever ready to guide.  –

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