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Active Directory is the basis or the foundation on which most of the Windows-based networks are built. In other words, Active directory is considered the heart of Window Network. The new version of the Active directory is Window server 2012 which is an improved version when compared to the previous version. Both large and small businesses are using it. One of the Advantages of Window Server 2012 Active Directory is that it can be easily virtualized with the domain controller. Another advantage is with the help of Managed Service Accounts (MSAs) multiple Window server 2012 systems can manage the services automatically.

With the help of this course, students learn the basics of configuring and managing a domain environment with Window server 2012. This course covers topics such as the installation of operating system, creating a Window domain and setting up the basic services such as DNA, DHCP and Active Directory etc. This course works as a foundation to take up the advanced course in Window server administration. Here, you will also learn the basics in Window Domain and Window Server by creating and managing a domain.

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