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Windows Server 2012 advanced Administration is a networking topic which covers advanced computer aspects such as server roles, installation and configuration of server, storage, Group Policy, Active Directory and file, and web services, virtualization, remote access, , application servers, performance, reliability and troubleshooting etc. This course helps IT professionals who are interested in learning advanced administration skills in Windows server 2012. This course is ideal for the professionals, who have prior knowledge in Windows Server 2012 operating systems. It is an important milestone for the professionals who are planning to validate their knowledge and skills and to further implement the same service in Windows Server 2012 infrastructure.

As Windows Server 2012 is the hottest version in Microsoft Server systems and it has most of the new functionality in the field of networking and security, server virtualisation, and active directory services, it  holds incredible value for the administrator who chooses to have an expertise in this field. This course specifically focuses on taking the knowledge and practice of administering a Windows 2012 Server to an advanced level. By pursuing this course, you get high-end knowledge and experience in networks and active directory.

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